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A one-stop, cloud-based system
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See What MPW Can Do For You
A one-stop shop for song catalog management.


A must-have for professional songwriters who are serious about their music. Upload songs, record publishers and co-writers, create and track pitches and more. The most affordable Creative Rights Management solution to record, manage and protect your works for you and your heirs.


A publisher's dream come true. Eliminate redundancy, improve accuracy, and fasttrack song exploitation, registration and management while streamlining the pitch process and royalties accounting (when combined with accounting package).


Accept and calculate digital mechanical, performance and sync royalty statements (.xls, .csv, .odt) and manage demo costs by song. Manage expenses and earnings by song, co-writers, publisher, co-pub and sub-pubs.


Finally, a one-stop solution that will tame the digital royalty monster for good! Organize and manage complex client catalogs for more efficient license negotiations and more accurate, automated royalty accounting across complex writer, publisher, co-pub and sub-pub agreements.